[drivingpairs] itchy pair

  • From: Peter & Rachel Eldred <preldred@xxxxxxx>
  • To: drivingpairs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 01 May 2004 12:34:54 -0700

How do you prevent one of your pair from trying to scratch his head on his
partner, or the yoke, etc.? Now that the weather has warmed up and I still
have fairly woolly ponies, one of my pair (the green one) gets awfully itchy
under the bridle when he starts to sweat, and who can blame him? Should I
concentrate on relieving his itch, or just try to get him to be on his best
behavior while hitched? How do I scold one without punishing the other?
(Maybe this is a separate topic) When I say one name very firmly, the other
(who is a sensitive little guy) gets his feelings hurt right away, and he
was being good so that's not fair to him. Should I touch the naughty one on
the neck with the whip? He can handle it, not the sort to get upset at the
whip, but it gets a little frustrating to me to be constantly at him. There
must be a better way.
Any suggestions?



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