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      Alternative walk work  can be interesting and so beneficial especially
with pairs.  I have tried and enjoy walk "ground " work.   I prefer my
"polygon pen" which is a small mishapen paddock when an occasional ceder
tree ( the acutal diameter  probably equals 60' round pen)   or you could
use a round pen,  I do free work with both horses at the same time.  They
both know the usual go consistantly to the left or right and change
direction with an inside or outside turn and I started this by them going
around as a tandem look.
      The twist is to have them both work at the same time... starting both
to the left ..changing direction... and then have one go to the left while
the other goes to the right.  Instead of them working in the pair as a unit
, this encourages them to have to think independently and think about
me...not just what the other horse is doing.  As they circle they must
decide how to pass each other and to negotiate around  acouple small cedar
trees.  Once you have gained the basics...the possibliites are endless...ask
one to go to the left at a walk and the other to go to the right at a slow
trot.  ask one to come in to the center and stand while the other stays on
the outside going to the  left or right.  THis isn't a substitute for walk
work in the carriage, but its a great way to break things up and increases
the horses thought proccesses to do what you want them to do all the time...
Think about YOU.

      The result: Both horses are more focused on ME , it only helps my
relationship with them when I drive,  In one hour TWO horses have been
worked at the walk  with challenging brainwork for all.

      I would be interested to know if others do this type of work.  I have
a zillion ideas to add to this exercise.. distractions, poles on the


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