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> The news of the World Equestrian games is very exciting indeed

I posted on CD-L what it means for driving: 

The WEG 2010 in Kentucky will include the Four-in-Hand Driving World 
Championship: So far at each Driving World Championship (for horses) each 
nation was 
allowed to enter three drivers as the National Team, and the host country 
always was allowed to enter six more drivers competing as individuals. (There 
some talk 
about a possible change in that, but as far as I know, nothing hasn't 
yet in that respect). So that would mean we would be able to enter nine 
four-in-hands !  

I can think of only six advanced four-in-hand drivers in our country at this 
time: Chester Weber, Tucker Johnson, Jimmy Fairclough, Bill Long, Jim 
Richards, and Gary Stover. Did I forget anybody? Perhaps Sem Groenewood could 
gear up again? So that still leaves a few open spots! So you Four-in-Hand 
drivers now 
on the Prelim. level,  (Brian Robertson, Mary Ruth Marks, and Tom O'Carrol 
come to my mind, and David Saunders, Sharon Chesson, Keady Cadwell as well as 

Linda Kennard drove a team for a while too, as did Mike McLennan and Allan 
Aulson) as well as those still thinking about it, or perhaps some of the many 
which are Coaching might want to think about crossing over to CDE's, or some 
of our Pony Teams might think of getting a team of horses for that? Or some 
our Tandem drivers (Sterling Graburn?)  Here is the chance and the challenge. 

You have five years to put it together, but it is not easy and takes some 
time, so the earlier you start, the better. It will be exciting and a big 
for Four-in-Hand driving in our country.  Let's hope that many of the 
will be able to come over as well.

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