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  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 10:25:39 -0400

>     Well my dream to have a Tandem will be coming true this weekend. 
>I am going to Vermont to participate in 3 days and 5 lessons with 
>Sterling Graburn. I will tell you a little how I prepared for this 
>opportunity. The leader has about 10 years of single driving 
>experience and the Wheeler has about 4 years. Both have driven 
>extensively out on the roads and in competition. They are STB 
>sisters. I had to think what might be helpful to prepare them for 
>the clinic. Due to the neverending winter I have only been able to 
>work with them for a few weeks. I decided to start to tune them up 
>by grounddriving first to get them very responsive to voice. When 
>grounddriving my leader I put her way out in front so that I could 
>get use to her being farther away. They were ground driven single. 
>They have both been driven a few times as a pair mainly to see how 
>they would respond to each other.
>     I then decided to "ride tandem" . I rode the wheeler and 
>longlined the leader in front of me. I have to say this was one of 
>the most difficult things I have tried. Fortunately both horses were 
>pretty calm about it. I also tried to practice my whip skills with a 
>longer whip and lash. I think a rein board would have been a very 
>good idea and I appreciate the suggestions on how to make one. I 
>suspect I will need alot of hours of practice before becoming more 
>     Will let you know how the clinic goes. I do have Mary Ruth 
>Mark's handbook and have read it several times. I think it is an 
>excellent resource . Sometimes you just have to pursue your dreams 
>whether things work out or not!
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good luck ansley....sounds like great fun...  you will love tandem 
and then you will be hooked like the rest of us :)

I have a tip from Tracey higgins...she drives 2 brother's tandem... 
she just keeps saying...."Good boy Dancer, Follow your brother"

i have always wanted to ride my 2 irish draughts tandem ( they both 
drive single) but have never had the guts to get on and do it.

Wendy Ying,DVM
Irish Hobby Farm
Bluemont, Virginia

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