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  • Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 14:48:47 -0700

I had this problem a lot last year.  I was driving my older mare with her 4
year old daughter.  While hitching and standing the 4 year old either had to
bite the pole or the header or try and rub.  While the other horse just
stood.  There is something to be said for the broke horses.  Anyways the
biting at the pole and the header was mainly caused by teething (i.e.
permanent teeth comming in)  So what I did to help with this issue was to
put a flash nose band on.  This helped by being self-correcting.  It also
kept the youngster from nipping at her partner in the pair.  I used the
flash for about 2 months.  By useing the flash I didn't have to keep picking
on the youngster.

As for the itching.   If we are standing I will usually say there name, and
make the sound "AAAACK" .  If that doesn't work I flick the whip.   It is
constant viligence.  No relaxing ever.  You can make it easier by haveing a
header but often times a header gets distracted.

If itching while hitching or unhitching (the most common they are sweaty
then) I will smack under belly with my hand if I happen to be on that side.
Or use the rein and say their name.  If you always do the same thing for bad
behavior they eventually get over it.  I never let the horses rub with their
bridle on.  Even when unhitched.

I can hardly wait to drive the pair again this summer.  I wean the foal in
June and then momma horse goes back to work in the pair.

Diane Kastama
(Ramona, CA)

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