[drivingpairs] Help with Hitching New Pair

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  • Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 12:24:30 -0400

Al said:

You might want to go to the ADS web site.  They have a table of values based
on horse height, for poles, shafts and the like.  The smallest it goes to
that I remember is 10h.

  As for Step.  My first approach would be to determine is he afraid or just
being a pain.  If afraid then I would do all sorts of activities to gain his
confidence in me.  I would play with him, loonge him, longline him, pull
tires, put shafts and poles on him etc.. Everytime he jumped I would ask him
to stop and very slowly and quietly go back through the activity step by
step making sure he understand s that "when I am scared I should stop and
wait for humans to help".
   If none of that works then I would put him in a stall where he could
watch the other pony.  I would drive the good one all around and make a big
fuss over him an dhow well he goes while step watches.  Give this plenty of
time but sooner or later he will want the attention and be willing to go
infront of the cart.
.  Al

Thanks Al for your help.  I did go to the ADS Website to look up the sizes.
I should of had the pole longer and lower according to them.  I mistakenly
thought I could use the same size as my other pair but I didn't have the
traces and pole straps correct.  The hold back of the pole straps didn't
work and that was why the carriage ran up on him when we turned on a right
circle.  Is the chart for poles sizes for all types of poles?  I have a
spring loaded pole, it does not drop but can be adjusted to different
heights and lengths.

Step does get afraid at times and you work him out of it and he is fine.  He
drives good single after the initial few minutes.  I think someone just
drove him fast on the roads and never worked on form or walking etc.  He is
good now but always is fast to react until he is sure of what you are doing.
With time he has gotten a lot better with that.

I am planning to work the pair again with ground driving hitched to a pole.
 One person would lead him, one person would carry the pole and I would
drive.  We are going to make a pole out of pvc pipe and make attachments for
it.  My friend advised me on how to do it.  She used it for her new pair.
They then can get used to the pole moving up and down and banging them etc.
I have to go back to using the old pair, the girls, for a clinic and event
coming up, then I will be back to work the  boys again.  I will keep you
posted.  Thanks again.  Betty

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