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  • Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 06:41:02 -0700 (PDT)

You might want to go to the ADS web site.  They have a table of values based on 
horse height, for poles, shafts and the like.  The smalllest it goes to that i 
remember is 10h.
  As for Step.  My first approach would be to determine is he afraid or just 
being a pain.  If afraid then I would do all sorts of activites to gain his 
confidence in me.  I would play with him, loonge him, longline him, pull tires, 
put shafts and poles on him etc.. Everytime he jumped I would ask him to stop 
and very slowly and quietly go back through the activity step by step making 
sure he understand s that "when I am scared I should stop and wait for humans 
to help".
   If none of that works then I would put him in a stall where he could watch 
the other pony.  I would drive the good one all around and make a big fuss over 
him an dhow well he goes while step watches.  Give this plenty of time but 
sooner or later he will want the attention and be willing to go infront of the 

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Subject: [drivingpairs] Help with Hitching New Pair
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Well we tried to hitch my new pair of Geldings today. We got them hitched
but had a lot of problems.

One pony was very steady. The other one was scared of the pole and it took
us a while to get him hitched. When asked to move off, he started leaping
forward but then settled down. Somehow, the cart seemed to bump him and he
leaped and reared. Both ponies were being led by assistants. I don't think
I had the traces the correct length or the pole straps set right. He seemed
to get bumped by the carriage. It all happened so fast. We then unhitched
and went to unhitch the coupling reins and the carriage pole bumped him
again and he reared and leaped up barely missing one of my assistants.

We have been ground driving them for weeks now and also driving both single.
The one pony, Step, seems to be so afraid of the pole. Thank god no one got
hurt. I am now afraid to rehitch. I think Step needs more single work and
ground driving. He tends to be a little goosy and used to scoot forward
when driving single. He hasn't done that in a while though. He is the type
of pony who needs to go thru procedures before hitching.

The ponies are 44" long, chest to rump, the carriage pole was set at 68".
Do you think we need a to make the pole longer? They are 11.1 hands tall.
We had the carriage pole, which is a fixed pole set at 33 1/2". Is this too
high for them? How far in front of the chests should the pole be? The
carriage is my Jeff Day Marathon.

I drive a pair of 43" mares to this carriage and the pole is set for them
only the height of the pole is 31 1/2".

Any helpful ideas on where to proceed next? Thanks Bettyann Seablade

Aspice Morgans
Albert Seminatore
Roswell, NM
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