[drivingpairs] FW: Buggy needs a good home

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  • Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 13:17:35 +0000

Hi all, I am forwarding this for a friend.  Lancaster, PA area.
Laurie Donaldson

>From: "Dave" <djgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: "Laurie Donaldson" <lbdonaldson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Buggy needs a good home
>Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 20:25:42 -0400
>Hi Laurie, how's things?
>Could you e-mail this around to some of the people in your club? I'm in 
>inventory reduction and this has to go. I just couldn't get it all done 
>along with my lighting projects.
>It's a partially rebuilt runabout buggy that needs a few things to finish 
>All new wheels on steel, new bearings & seals. New brake backers, shoes, 
>brake springs, wheel cylinders, lines, hose & drums. Rebuilt master 
>New seat, new body mounts and spring perches. New reach (coupling pole that 
>runs from the 5th wheel to the rear axle). New front & rear axle caps. New 
>LED lighted SMV emblem and bracket.
>Needs a couple of interior pieces of wood, a bracket welded onto the 5th 
>wheel and an optional dash.
>$900 makes me lose a little bit.
>Thanks! ~ Dave

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