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#193 December 1, 2014 from http://www.don-guitar.com

Just a brief one this time.  I'd like to say that's because
I'm retired and taking it easy but the truth is, it's
because I'm so darn busy that I've little time for the
sort of research required to do this publication proper
justice.  One of the things I'm busy with is our concept
band, Play It Again.  Here's our latest video.

The concept is simply that any piece of music recorded in
the 20th Century is fair game.  That gives us an awfully
lot of room to play, as it were, but it takes a lot more
practice than the mostly-Country music assortment we play
with our main band...

We've also played some Assisted Living centers with Lisa's
ukulele club...
and we'll be doing another one on Thursday of this week.

As always, it's a great life if you don't weaken.  :)


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Seriously realistic sculpture.

These days, the best way to set up your own website is to
buy a hosting plan (wherever you like, there are plenty of
affordable plans out there) and ask your host to install
a Content Management System...
The most popular being Wordpress and Drupal.
http://goo.gl/Y77jyy  [drupal dot org]
Of course if you have a google (gmail) account, then you
also have free web hosting with google's own Content
Management System (which seems ok but finding an up to
date tutorial for it might be somewhat problematic).
https://sites.google.com/ (only works if you're logged in)

If you're fed up with news, these days you can just write
your own.   https://medium.com/

So, what is your definition of a good life?

I think there's some sort of rule saying every gadget you
played with as a kid needs to be converted to software.

Digital books are now a big deal and rapidly becoming a
better deal.   https://unglue.it/

The Khan Academy has become an awesome educational resource.


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This video, sent in by our web-sibling Patrick Barden, shows
how awesome it can be to support local businesses.


I hate to shave, but I hate not shaving even more.  That
being said, trying to find the most affordable way to get
a decent shave has become nearly impossible.  About a year
ago I decided that the three-blade disposables I've been
using for a few years just weren't doing the job any longer
so I started researching alternatives.   Harry's looked ok
but is pricey.  The Dollar Shave Club seems ok but I don't
feel comfortable with their Terms Of Service.   I finally
settled on Shavemob and I'm mostly happy with them but the
shaving giants (mainly gillette and schick) are now offering
comparable products.  Or, at least, they seem comparable but
they don't make it easy for you.  For example, Amazon sells
some Gillette refills for what appear to be great prices
only where are the handles you need to use those refills?
I can't find them.   Schick has some sort of battery
powered shaver that looks like a regular refillable set up
but how the heck does that work?   I can't find an answer
to that question.  For now, I'll stay with shavemob but I'm
not totally happy with them.  For example, you can't just
buy refills.   You can buy a kit that includes a new handle
but I've already got two handles, why do I have to buy
another one?  The shopping cart lists one [1] handle for
$3.00 with any order, as a separate item, only that item
can't be removed from the shopping cart. How bogus is that?
A web search will turn up new contenders in the mail-order
shaving market but all of them seem follow the same model.
In one way or another, they make it virtually impossible to
figure out exactly what it's going to cost you to shave if
you start using their products.  Oh well, the more things

Lisa and I had a couple of bachelor friends over for
Thanksgiving dinner and it was a great day for us.  We have
so very much to be thankful for.   We wish the best of
everything to you and yours.



The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.

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