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  • From: Jason Keltz <jas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 11:45:06 -0400

On 08/02/07 04:32, Chris Smith wrote:
Jason Keltz wrote:
Hi everyone,

I use the "useheading" configuation option which allows a link to be represented by the first H1 on the page. I am putting a bunch of DokuWiki sites together and am propagating each fresh site with a bunch of pre-loaded namespace directories and wiki pages in the data dir, but without preloading any of the other directories with data. I use the hierarchical breadcrumbs. I find that each time I copy the pages to a new site, the first time that I visit each page, the breadcrumb bar shows the name of the link, as if the useheading option is off. If I reload, the proper name shows up in the breadcrumb bar, and if I visit the site again, it seems okay. What other information do I need to keep to ensure that the breadcrumbs use the H1 the first time around?

What version of DW are you using?

The latest stable --dokuwiki-2007-06-26b.

Older versions of DW will only have headings for pages that have been parsed and had their "instructions" cached. These are the ".i" files in the cache.

The most recent version picks up heading information from metadata. It should be able to generate fresh metadata for any page without it and so display all the required headings. Copying metadata along with the pages will reduce the load on your server.

I'm not really worried about DokuWiki generating the metadata the first time around for each of the sites because this won't happen too frequently, but it looks like there is a bug where it isn't generating it the "first time". If I was to copy the meta-data, but I want the files that I copy to be the "first" revision, and no revision tracking before that, would I copy just the files.meta from the meta directory? How about the file.indexed? and the various files like _htcookiesalt, and _dummy, _dokuwiki.changes, _comments.changes, etc.?

Thanks a bunch..


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