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Anika Henke a écrit :
Notamment.be wrote:
Martin Tschofen a écrit :
Otherwise, if they bother you only in certain cases, you can use the non parsed text syntax, like %%"%%, which will only show the unaltered ".

In this case - from the typographical point of view - this is just as bad. "You would like a foot mark? Sorry, we just ran out of single primes. But you can choose between a single quote or an apostrophe ..." ;-)

Well, one could define some substitution rules in entities.conf, like INCHMARK and FOOTMARK (to follow the FIXME example) to insert the proper characters.

INCHMARK -> &#8243; (double prime)
FOOTMARK -> &#8242; (single prime)

If I am not mistaken.

But here we get to the character picker limitations: it would be very difficult, IMO, to distinguish between the different similar quotation marks (five examples '‘‛′‵). An other character picker that worked with character descriptions instead of Wysiwyg would work better, but I am not sure it would be worth the hassle. Most people don't care, and those who do generally find alternative solutions.


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