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  • Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 16:07:12 +0100

Notamment.be wrote:
Anika Henke a écrit :

Another question for the Frenchman (if you don't mind):

No problem. For the record, I am not French but a French-speaking Belgian. Very close but not identical. Belgian French is not more different from "official French"- if such a thing exists - then any

Ah, I see. Just like Hercule Poirot! :-)

Do you usually type a " quote " already with the spaces? Or do you type it without them and entrust your word processor to do the spacing?

It depends. In a text editor (MS Word, OOo Writer), I type only the " and it changes to &laquo;&nbsp; if the " is following a space or &nbsp;&raquo; if following a non-space. This is the default setting for the French and Belgian-French locales.

So the space is automatically added. But the result is immediate.

Typing «some text» or <<some text>> with no space is just plain weird *for me*.

You wrote in the succeeding mail:
> I forgot to write that (I think that) nobody would enter %%" some text
> "%%. That is just too weird.

Now I am a bit confused ...
Normally, you would type << some text >> with spaces and "some other text" without!?

To add to my confusion I have found two documents describing French typography which contradict themselves: On http://www.oqlf.gouv.qc.ca/ressources/bibliotheque/ecrits_administratifs/espacement.html it says that GUILLEMET OUVRANT and FERMANT have each one space before and after (no surprise) and GUILLEMET ANGLAIS (ouvrant et fermant) behave the same. Whereas on http://www.interpc.fr/mapage/billaud/ponctua.htm#parentheses it says that Guillemets à la française « » have the same behaviour as stated above, but Guillemets à l'anglaise “ ” have each an outer space, but no inner space ("on laisse des espaces à l'extérieur, mais pas à l'intérieur"), like "this" ...

The reason for my asking is:
Shall '"..."' be substituted with '&ldquo;&#x2005;...&#x2005;&rdquo;' for the French language? Or shall the 1/4em spaces (&#x2005;) be omitted because the French editors would insert normal spaces anyway?

The spaces should definitely be _non-breaking_. Things like «<br>some text » or « some text<br>» will look strange to any French reader. So use either no break space (&nbsp;) or narrow no break space (&#8239;) if browsers support it (I don't believe so).

Okay, until now I wasn't aware that &#x2005; is not a non-breaking character. So a &nbsp; it will be ... if at all.

Being a nitpicker, I enter %%<< some text >>%% in DokuWiki and wrote a (perhaps buggy) plugin to get %%«&nbps;some text&nbsp;»%% (only I used utf-8 encoding instead of html entities, not sure that is smart). Of course, I believe that my way is somehow the best one ;-)

Looking at your plugin page, I notice that it adds spaces to ? ! ; : » and «, but *not to " “ ” ‘ or ’*. Is that intentional?

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