[dokuwiki] Re: pages dissapear when using fckw

  • From: Myron Turner <turnermm02@xxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 08 May 2009 18:40:01 -0500

Chantal Rosmuller wrote:
Hi list,

I am using dokuwiki 2008-0-05, I installed the fckw plugin, it works fine but when I edit a long page and want to save it the whole page dissapears. This doesn't happen with shorter pages. I uninstalled the plugin and tried dokuwikifck but the same thing happened. Can anyone help me with this problem? Ihave to use a wysiwyg editor, it's not for me but for a group of users who do not know a lot about computers, learning the wiki syntax is really too much for them.


Could you indicate what you mean by "long" and short"? Also, have you determined whether this behavior is browser-independent. That is, does it happen all browsers?

Have you tried emptying the cache both of your browsers and of dokuwiki?

I have DokuWikiFCK running in several generations of Dokuwiki, from 2007 to current, and can't duplicate this behavior. If you send me a copy of a "long" page, I'll see if I can duplicate the problem.


Myron Turner
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