[dokuwiki] git changes 2010-03-30

  • From: dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Devel Tools)
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  • Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 03:00:04 +0200 (CEST)

Good Morning!

This are the git changes for DokuWiki committed
yesterday. Please test them and report bugs.


Author: Adrian Lang <lang[at]cosmocode.de>
Date:   Mon Mar 29 16:58:14 2010 +0200

    Better footnote popup positioning

Author: Adrian Lang <lang[at]cosmocode.de>
Date:   Mon Mar 29 12:44:02 2010 +0200

    Update syntax plugin base class (DOOM DO-OOM)

Author: Adrian Lang <lang[at]cosmocode.de>
Date:   Mon Mar 29 12:00:30 2010 +0200

    Allow plugins to specify that they have to be instantiated
    Plugins may return false in isSingleton to let plugin_load return a new
    instance every time it is called.
    Renderer plugins are not loaded with $new set to true, but instead specify
    themself that they are not singletons. This behaviour allows the odt 
    to keep working (see #1598).

Author: Adrian Lang <lang[at]cosmocode.de>
Date:   Fri Mar 26 15:17:26 2010 +0100

    Rewrite footnote popup
    * Popup now shows up relative to the link, not the mouse position
    * Easier handling of mouseoutâ??s bubbling
    * Factor out popup creation to allow plugins to use it

Author: Adrian Lang <lang[at]cosmocode.de>
Date:   Mon Mar 29 10:18:22 2010 +0200

    Call act_edit for locked pages
    50e988b accidentally stopped act_dispatch from calling act_edit for locked
    pages, thus showing a generic »page not writable« message instead of a
    page lock message.

Author: Adrian Lang <lang[at]cosmocode.de>
Date:   Tue Feb 2 16:20:17 2010 +0100

    JavaScript syntax fixes


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