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  • From: Wes <stararmy@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 02:58:13 -0400

I want to put in my vote AGAINST sidebars.


On 7/14/07, Terence J. Grant <tjgrant@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'd use one, and i want one, but i've not managed to find one yet that
> works properly/well. I'm currently trying to tweak one of the existing
> ones to work for me.
> I'd love a default sidebar with dokuwiki. Nothing fancy just an
> additonal page load, maybe a default page per namespace and the ability
> in the document to override this by specifying a sidebar page explicitly.

There's my "display wiki page" plugin, that is a standalone plugin I
use in Monobook; I don't know if you've tried that one or not yet--
it's not template specific. I believe there are a few users using it
without the Monobook template just fine, I couldn't tell you for sure
who though.

The only real issue with it (and with at least one other "sidebar"
plugin I've seen) is compatibility with ACL in regards to locking
(which in my investigations, were mostly due to problems in the
past-stable versions of DW and have probably been fixed by now.)

There are also instructions on how to do recursive things with it on
the discussion page,  and doing something based on page id is as
simple as doing some string concatenation, so I believe this more than
fits the bill.


And of course any user-based changes to fix bugs or streamline it more
(perhaps it needs to use the modern event system or something?) are
more than welcome. I've tried to keep the code as generic as possible
otherwise though, so that anyone (regardless of configuration) could
use it.

--Terence J. Grant
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