[dokuwiki] Re: dokuwiki comments from a newbie

  • From: Michael Klier <chi@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 12:09:14 +0200

Jason Keltz wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback that I've received from people on the sidebar 
> issue from my message on Friday.  For those of you opposed to having a 
> "default" sidebar, please realize that I'm asking that there be an 
> option to have a sidebar in the default installation of Dokuwiki, which, 
> if not defined, would, of course, not show up!  I like the way that it's 
> done in some of the templates -- a "sidebar" document in a namespace 
> becomes the sidebar.  You can have different sidebars for different 
> namespaces, or only one.  I believe this would satisfy people who 
> want/do not want a sidebar in the default installation.

Just my 2 cents speaking as a template developer:

I would put my vote against a optional sidebar in the default template
because of several reasons. 

IMO one problem is to satisfy as many people as possible with it`s

People tend to ask for more and more features. I experienced it myself.
The first version of the arctic template was based on Chris Smith
Sidebar template (it was just a CSS style change). Some releases later
people asked for dynamic sidebars per namespace, showing the index in
the sidebar, moving the TOC to the sidebar, using plugins in sidebars,
hiding the sidebar while editing wiki pages, showing sidebars only for
certain users/groups, including static html pages in the sidebar, having
two sidebars (left/right) and also having no sidebar at all ;-).

I think it`s better to leave that as is. There are several different
implementations which each are used by people who need different
solutions. It`s all about choice™.

Like Andi said, including a default sidebar would also lead to some
problems for template developers. What about if someone wants to use the
sidebar feature of DokuWiki but also feature foo of template bar too?

As I said, just my two cents.

Have fun

Michael Klier

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