[dokuwiki] darcs changes 2008-03-11

  • From: andi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Andreas Gohr)
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 04:00:03 +0100 (CET)

Good Morning!

This are the darcs changes for DokuWiki committed
yesterday. Please test them and report bugs.

Tue Mar 11 00:37:33 CET 2008  Michael Klier <chi[at]chimeric.de>
  * XMLRPC: pageVersions() should return the current version too

Mon Mar 10 22:49:39 CET 2008  Andreas Gohr <andi[at]splitbrain.org>
  * another change in highlight handling
  Now higlighting phrases are passed as an array which then is quoted correctly
  when used in a regexp. This should make phrase highlighting work completely
  Please everyone test it.

Mon Mar 10 21:36:20 CET 2008  Michael Klier <chi[at]chimeric.de>
  * fixed search result linking of pagenames which consist of numbers only

Mon Mar 10 21:16:30 CET 2008  Andreas Gohr <andi[at]splitbrain.org>
  * allow dynamic passing of template to use for css.php
  This patch makes it possible to pass the template name to use to the
  lib/exe/css.php dispatcher. When passed the $conf['template'] option is
  ignored by the disaptcher and the given template is used instead.
  This makes it possible to switch templates dynamically without loosing the
  CSS dispatcher functionality. This might be useful for things like the
  multitemplate template or for loading a template based on the user agent.

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