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  • From: Troels Liebe Bentsen <tlb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2005 23:48:24 +0200

Andreas Gohr wrote:

Hi all!

I'd like to your input on this...

1) I thought about cleaning up the directory structure a little bit. I like to 
get most files off the top level directory and I also want to restructure the 
inc directory

Like the new layout, thumbs up.

I'm not sure where plugins should be put. Maybe they need to moved to lib as inc is protected by a .htaccess file and plugins may want to come with their own style sheet.

I think lib/ is the way to go.

Maybe we should move everything that needs to be writable to data? So we should add an data/auth dir for user.auth.php and acl.auth.php ?

Good idea, much easier to give apache access to write then.

Moving feed.php could make problems for existing subscribers...

2) My second question is about "compression" techniques for CSS and JavaScript 
files. Should we use such compressors? They remove whitespaces and do some optimizing but 
make the code nearly unreadable but they make the files much smaller (and sometimes even 
faster in execution). We could put the readable and the compressed version into the 
distribution but use the compressed one in the code.

So what do you think?

Is that really necessary, if we look at the numbers:

Js files:
16K     ./script.js
4,0K    ./ajax.js
4,0K    ./tw-sack.js
24K     total

Css files:
4,0K    ./tpl/default/rtl.css
12K     ./tpl/default/design.css
4,0K    ./tpl/default/layout.css
4,0K    ./tpl/default/print.css
4,0K    ./style.css
4,0K    ./feed.css
32K     total

Main page of my wiki site:
20K     doku.php.html
20K     total

All except the html output can be cached by the browser as this is new for every click, so "normal" wiki users that look at more than one page will not load the line with more traffic after first page view.

But ff you run a site that have hits from different users in the order where 56kb is a problem downloading. Then I would recommend doing compression, but for normal use it does not make sense to do whitespace compression.

Best Regards

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