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  • Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 12:03:33 +0200

Whilst we're on the subject of the spellchecker...

1. I realise that the spellchecker is 'experimental'
2. I realise that the spellchecker is 'low priority' (although I know
some people have spent a lot of time on it)
3. I get the impression that problems more often than not concern only
Windows :(

That said I believe anyone who has time to work on the spellchecker, and
who has time and access to Windows should work on it (if they're
interested) because

1. It's a big/essential/important feature for its stated aim
2. Windows is a platform where people are usually low tech and expect
things 'just to work'
3. I'm sure I had other valid arguments, but I'm a bit delicate this
morning following a company wide strategic meeting followed by an
aperitif (vive la France) ;)

Anyway my issue - I've already experienced a page 'wipe out' (start
spell checker, no response, try to get control of the page (such as by
clicking the spell checker button, then save etc from what I remember --
results in page being wiped, had to go to archived version to recover
it).  I've also had occasions where the spellchecker was not very
responsive (the page was not particularly long, but there was a fair
amount of DokuWiki mark-up) and where I've had to do a CTRL+C/close the
command line box that appears (this is a worry for colleagues that
launch the spell checker from their machines -- currently I host ).

But at least the spellchecker 'works' on sections/pages that are not too
complicated :))  As ever, if the testing steps are sufficiently
idiot-proof (or even if they're not), I'm ready and willing to help in
any way I can.


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On Tue, 5 Jul 2005 19:21:59 +0200
Matthias Grimm <matthiasgrimm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The function spaceslink() filter the parameters with stripslashes().
> If the text contains a windows share this filter reduces the text
> length and the replacement string has not the same length as the
> source text so that the spellchecker corrupt the text.

Strange, I thought I tested this :-(

Patch pushed.
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