[dokuwiki] Re: Would allowing upper case image names cause big problems?

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>> On 3 Sep 2010, at 10:07, Chris G wrote:


>> If you're using *nix.  Make a script to mirror your photo directory using
>links (hard or symbolic), with the filenames converted to lowercase.  Link 
>mirrored directory into DokuWiki's media space.
>Exactly the sort of workaround I'd thought of but it does involve that
>extra, annoying, stage that I'd really like to aviod if I can.
>I'd have to either run the linking script using cron, say once a day,
>which would mean just uploaded pictures wouldn't be immediately
>available. Or I'd have to run it manually, which is just a nuisance.
>If I could persuade Dokuwiki to allow upper case image names then all
>I'd have to do is: load pictures into photo software (which I do
>already) and then add image links (or, more likely, gallery links)
>from dokuwiki.  Adding a, probably, command line task to this sequence
>is, while not that onerous, just annoying.
[JS] This is an uber-ugly possibility: put your media in a VFAT file system. 
Then your file names should be case-insensitive.


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