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  • From: "Terence J. Grant" <tjgrant@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 16:29:45 -0400


> BackupTool for dokuwiki
> http://tatewake.com/wiki/projects:backuptool_for_dokuwiki
> - uses shell_exec() for system packer tools
> - has a nice configuration GUI
> - saves into the media folder (publicly available)
> - some problems with current dokuwiki
> - the author promises an update soon

Right, I'm the author of this one, so I'll comment on this to...

> Both plugins have some problems with the current dokuwiki version, but I have
> fixed them both to get some experience with them.

Great! Please send me your fix so I can include it in the next version.

> If there is a need for such a plugin, from my POV it should have the following
> features:
> don't use shell_exec() -- the only alternative I know of (I'm no PHP
> developer) is the PEAR package File_Archive.

I agree on this one, I'm not particularly fond of having to use
shell_exec for this...

However, I investigated PEAR along with some other php based tar
implementations a while back (back in 2006 I believe), and I found
they would not always create the tar files correctly-- you'd be
missing directories and subdirectories in a somewhat random fashion.
(I had entire sub-directories just skipped for no apparent reason in
my testing, so I ended up not going that route.)

As a side note, un-archiving ability in these libraries always appears
to work flawlessly-- so you might not want to assume the opposite
holds true.

For your other suggestions, I don't care for the 'collections' idea,
but if you'd like to add mail, encryption, etc into BackupTool, I
might like to put that in the official distribution. (Just try to keep
the functionality so that it appeals to a majority of people.) Feel
free to email me patches, if you'd like.

Hope that helps,
--Terence J. Grant
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