[dokuwiki] What about backup?

  • From: Uwe Koloska <dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 21:30:39 +0200


looking for a backup solution for my dokuwiki installations I found two 
plugins and got a question:

BackupTool for dokuwiki
- uses shell_exec() for system packer tools
- has a nice configuration GUI
- saves into the media folder (publicly available)
- some problems with current dokuwiki
- the author promises an update soon

Doku Zip Backup
- uses a php-only zip implementation from PEAR
- built-in rules for the saved data
- creates the zip-archive for direct download
- restores the wiki from an archive
- stalled development (last version from 2006-06-01)

Both plugins have some problems with the current dokuwiki version, but I have 
fixed them both to get some experience with them.

Question: What do you use for backing up your wiki? Is there no need for a 
decent backup plugin?  Or is there a best-practice that can be used on a 
normal webhost?

If there is a need for such a plugin, from my POV it should have the following 

don't use shell_exec() -- the only alternative I know of (I'm no PHP 
developer) is the PEAR package File_Archive.

configure what has to be backed up with configuration collections (all, only 
changed since ..., media only, etc.)


cron-driven backup

encrypt the archive

save to different server (S3 anyone?)

send the archive by mail

Any other ideas?
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