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>> One thing I don't know how to implement in DokuWiki is the ability f
>> or
>> novice users to start a new topic.
>Explain to your users how links are essential in a Wiki. Pages need to
>be interlinked to not become orphans that nobody can find. To make
>sure every page is linked to another pages should be created through
>links. Let users think how pages relate to existing pages first, then
>a link can be created at the apropriate place, followed and the page
>can be created then.
[JS] Thanks all for your advice, but I think I need to look for another 

To be honest, we've been using a Yahoo! group for our board of directors, and 
I don't think any of them have figured out how to get to the archives. Most 
refused to get the Yahoo! ID necessary, in any case.

I don't think it is practical to educate our 400+ members about anything. And 
as for getting them to think...

>See also faq:newpage--
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