[dokuwiki] Re: Single-sign on for one server WAS: Re: Why is the auth system cookie-based?

  • From: Jason Keltz <jas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 09:29:45 -0500

Hi Gabriel,

Yup. I had mentioned those steps on the list previously when I was asking if anyone was interested in an single sign on patch a few months back. I would have implemented a new config option to enable sso, and to specify a global htcookiesalt path. It would have set DOKU_REL to / when sso was on, and set DOKU_COOKIE to something else, but there was no interest. I dropped the idea since I update DW frequently, and I don't want to make changes every time that I update. At least if it was in the core, I wouldn't have to change anything.


On 12/06/07 08:17, Gabriel Birke wrote:
Hi Jason,

yes, you are right. The logout problems I mentioned in another mail came
from DOKU_REL being the cookie path. I have reworked my original
(non-working and incomplete) instructions at

All in all, achieving a single-sign on was very straightforward for me and
doesn't require many modifications. Thanks DokuWiki Team!


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Is it really that easy for single sign on?

I was under the impression that in addition to _htcookiesalt, there needed to be some adjustment of the setcookie calls since they use DOKU_REL where init.php defines DOKU_REL using getBaseURL(). I had wanted to use single sign on, but didn't want to modify the DW code to do it.


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