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  • From: Simon Heimlicher <heimlicher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 06:21:18 -0700

PmWiki seems to have now a very flexible protection (AuthUser), identity based (also with groups) and/or password based. So your problems (enter password any time you want to edit something) shouldn't exist anymore. I didn't try it yet, so I can't say whether it works or how useable it is.
That's well possible. It just wasn't used for some reasons in the installation we used.

- much cleaner syntax

of the Wiki markup? Doesn't seem that different:

''Emphasize'' and '''strongly''' is not that intuitive as **bold** and //italic//, but bold/italic isn't the right wording, anyway, is it?
To me, counting apostrophes to get the syntax right is much worse. Also, the syntax of dokuwiki has been around for more than ten years in newsgroups (albeit with only a single slash or asterisk).

'^superscripts^' is not worse than <sub>subscript</sub>.

Maybe I'm simply not that sensible in this respect.
Very likely, as I'm very sensitive :-)

- multi-level hiearchy

This depends on the structure of the content. I prefer categories, but there might be applications where a deeper nesting is needed.

- fool-proof way of uploading files

Didn't try this - where are the pitfalls?
In our group, nobody knows, because nobody ever bothered to find out how to do it in PmWiki. In Dokuwiki you _only_ need to know that you have to click the "Picture" button, from then on it's very simple.

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