[dokuwiki] Re: Safemode Bug

  • From: Jochem Schulenklopper <j.schulenklopper@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 10:58:14 +0200


Rainer wrote:
> Jochem Schulenklopper schrieb:
> >I tried your fix, but it does not solve all the problems I 
> > have. I still get warning errors when ftp_mkdir()
> > [...]

> eventually this is the meaning of the
>    //FIXME silence those commands again!
> remark in the ftp_mkdir() function.
> What did the waring print out ?

Some warnings are PHP-generated warnings (could be silenced by putting
a "@"-char before the function calls), like:
    Warning: ftp_mkdir(): /path/to/my/web/dir/dev/idea/data/cache/c:
No such file or
    directory in /path/to/my/web/dir/dev/idea/inc/io.php on line 202

but some (sometimes as a result af the warning above) are generated by
DokuWiki, and displayed in that red box appearing on top of page,
    Creating directory /path/to/my/web/dir/dev/idea/data/cache/c
    Writing /path/to/my/web/dir/dev/idea/data/meta/_htcookiesalt failed

As I said in my note to Rainer, my problem could also be some security
setting (write-access rights) that my webhosting company has set.
E.g., DokuWiki had trouble creating subdirectories which I 'solved'
(ahem) by creating directories "0" through "f" in the cache/ directory
with global write-access rights on them. Subdirs for namespaces also
cannot be created (in the pages/ directory). I need to look into this
more closely, together with the FTP root folder setting.

BTW, I'm using DokuWiki-2005-07-01.

Kind regards,

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