[dokuwiki] Result of running http://www.jslint.com/ on the "discussion" plugin's file named "script.js"

  • From: "Kingsley G. Morse Jr." <change@xxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 23:08:23 -0700

The main reason I'm writing is to report the
result of an on-line tool that checks javascript,
when asked to check the "discussion" plugin's file
named "script.js.

I first pointed my web browser at 


Then I copied and pasted the contents of
"scritp.js" into the web site's form.

Then I checked the "assume a browser" box.

I finally clicked on the button to run the on-line

The output follows below....


=====================Output Follows==========================


Implied global: $ 57 92 99, DOKU_BASE 62, addEvent 94 101, addInitEvent 84 91 
98, initToolbar 86, sack 65, toolbar 86, window 85

Problem at line 26 character 15: Expected '{' and instead saw 'return'.

if(!form) return;

Problem at line 55 character 34: Expected '{' and instead saw 'return'.

if(!document.getElementById) return;

Problem at line 59 character 18: Expected '{' and instead saw 'return'.

if(!comment) return;

Problem at line 86 character 88: Missing semicolon.

initToolbar("discussion__comment_toolbar", "discussion__comment_text"...

Problem at line 93 character 14: Expected '{' and instead saw 'return'.

if(!btn) return;

Problem at line 100 character 15: Expected '{' and instead saw 'return'.

if(!form) return;

Global discussion_ajax_preview, isBlank, validate

8 isBlank(s)
Variable c, i

25 validate(form)
Outer isBlank

54 discussion_ajax_preview()
Closure preview
Variable ajax, comment, textarea
Global $, DOKU_BASE, document, sack

72 "onCompletion"()
Variable data
Outer preview

84 "addInitEvent"()
Global initToolbar, toolbar, window

91 "addInitEvent"()
Variable btn
Outer discussion_ajax_preview
Global $, addEvent

98 "addInitEvent"()
Closure form
Global $, addEvent

101 "submit"()
Outer form, validate

/*members AjaxFailedAlert, backgroundColor, borderColor, charAt, 
    encodeURIString, focus, getElementById, indexOf, initToolbar, innerHTML, 
    length, mail, name, onCompletion, response, runAJAX, setVar, style, 
    text, value, visibility
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