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  • Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 02:04:45 +0200


thanks for your help. This solution is that one I searched for.
Sorry for my late answer, but I haven't a lot of time the last days. And
sorry about my bad english.

Best regards
Thomas Preissler

Chris Smith schrieb:
> ding280 wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Is it possible to render output of a plugin?
>> Example:
>> A plugin generates code like this:
>> ^ bla ^ blu ^ blub |
>> | huhu | hihi | hoho |
>> | [[link:to:somewhere|link]] |||
>> I want to use the renderer of DokuWiki to create HTML-Code. Is there a
>> way to do this?
>> Best regards
>> Thomas Preissler
> Yes.  I think the function is p_render().  Whatever, you'll find all
> you need to know in inc/parserutils.php, that is the file which
> provides the interface between the rest of DokuWiki and the parser.
> The plugin class includes some methods for correct generation of some
> things, like internal links using the config settings.  Read up on the
> base class files in lib/plugins for those details.
> You should also be aware, that instantiating the parser for a small
> amount of text isn't particularly efficient.  Under some circumstances
> (doing it lots) you may seriously degrade the performance of your server.
> Cheers,
> Chris

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