[dokuwiki] Re: Redirect on do=show and Post send

  • From: "Gerry Weißbach" <gerry.w@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 1 Sep 2008 15:29:34 +0200

Thank Michael,

the patch seems work with my current setup. I think it should be included
in the official release.


Am 1.9.2008 schrieb "Michael Hamann" <michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>Gerry Weißbach wrote:
>> currently I have the problem, that I need this POST data in an  <php>
>> section ... but I won't get it any longer. Has anyone thought of that
>> or is this exactly what had to be banned?
>No, not really, the idea was more to have an event for plugins that want
>to change the redirect and to prevent users from ending on doku.php when
>they do e.g. cancel an edit.
>I've attached a patch that changes the redirect-call so a redirect is
>only executed when the initial action is not 'show'.
>I don't know if this a clean solution, but it should work.
>@Gina's mail: I don't know if it is that good when all users, that rely
> on POST-data in show, or plugin authors that do this, have to change
>their code.
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