[dokuwiki] Planning update to 2006-09-28

  • From: "Bob McConnell" <rvm@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 09:57:39 -0400

Good morning,

With the pending release of the new version, I am trying to get a handle
on what I will need to do in order to upgrade from 2006-03-09c. Since
the company wiki is being actively used (nine pages created or updated
yesterday), I will probably have to come in on a weekend to do this
upgrade, and won't have the time or resources to figure out what I
missed. But after reading through a number of pages and emails, there
are still a couple details I haven't been able to piece together.

1. What is the process to upgrade plugins after upgrading Dokuwiki? I
currently have Blog and Draw installed.

2. What are the relative merits of the Blog action plugin vs. the older
Blog plugin? Is there any significant advantage in switching?

3. If I do switch to the action plugin, is there any conversion needed
for the existing "discussion" directories? And can those directories now
be hidden from the index tree?

4. I have created a custom template by duplicating the lib/tpl/default
tree and making changes to those CSS and php files. What will I have to
do to upgrade my template?

As an aside, the server we are running is Linux (Fedora Core 5) while my
workstation is W2K Pro. We have a Samba share set up on the FC box which
I can map from Windows. But unpacking the archive in those two systems
produces different results because of the line ending characters. Is
anyone aware of a diff that runs on Windows and can compare between the
two systems, ignoring that difference? If it helps, I do have cygwin

Thank you,

Bob McConnell
Principal Communications Programmer
The CBORD Group, Inc.
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Ithaca NY, 14850
Phone 607 257-2410
FAX 607 257-1902
Email rvm@xxxxxxxxx
Web www.cbord.com

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