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  • From: "Oliver Schulze L." <oliver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2006 09:16:53 -0400

You may want to change the permisions of the critical pages.
Create a group like wiki-admin and permit the edit only of those
pages to that group.

So, vandalizing of that page can be done only by people on
the wiki-admin group.


Gabriel Birke wrote:
Chris Smith wrote
"deleting a page" is editing it to nothing, changing it doesn't make sense, and is probably quite difficult to implement in a meaningful way. Conceivably you could reject an edit of an empty trimmed string, but what about an edit to a "." or similar. Note, the attic holds the old revision of the page making restoration a snip.

There is a subtle difference between deleting a page and vandalizing it
with one character: If a page is deleted (text set to nothing) it is
removed from the content tree that is shown on the start page - and in
some themes in the sidebar. The sidebar with the content tree is a major
navigational element in our wiki. If a page gets deleted, other users
can't find it anymore.

So I ask my question again: Where do I put the check if the posted text
is empty and the user has delete rights? Is it possible to put that in a
plugin? Or do I have to edit act_permcheck in actions.php directly?


-- Oliver Schulze L. <oliver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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