[dokuwiki] Re: Patch to make configurable display of user that made changes

  • From: Andy Webber <dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2008 21:16:10 +0100

Guy Brand wrote:
Andy Webber wrote:
This patch adds a configuration parameter that lets an admin decide whether to display the login name, full name or e-mail address of the person that made an edit (on the page at bottom right, on Recent Changes

Let's be pragmatic. No one serious will want to display email
addresses. Login name are computer centric. I'd suggest to
replace the login name by the full name? It's more meaningful
for humans.

I understand your point; but let me expand on my use-case a little.

I agree that use of e-mail address would be rare, but it is actually what I want for the instance I manage. Amongst my target audience (currently around 100 contributors from a total pool size of around 85,000), e-mail address is actually the most recognisable unique distinguishing thing. Login name is not recognisable as it is machine generated on a central Single Sign-On system. Full name can be ambiguous (because for SSO it doesn't need to be unambiguous). But e-mail address is widely used on other internal systems so is the most distinguishing and most recognised "name" within my pool of users.

My site is purely internal ("behind the firewall") so no risk of address harvesting. I also have a large user community that includes quite a few people that have not bought into the whole Wiki Way and are, well, too /scared/ to make edits and or add comments to a page that are instantly visible to everyone. Such people are more inclined to e-mail a page author/editor than to get in there and edit the page; they don't do Facebook and that whole Web2.0 thing. So I want a mailto: link so that they don't have to look a name up in the corporate directory and then potentially have to resolve ambiguities to find the e-mail address when the wiki already has the e-mail address internally.

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