[dokuwiki] New maintainer for Arctic and Dokubook template needed

  • From: Andreas Haerter <list+dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 19:11:59 +0200

Hi all,

after Anika's call[1] to maintain Chi's orphaned stuff a few months ago,
I offered[2] myself as maintainer for the Artic[3] and Dokubook[4]
template. But some things in my life have changed and I just can't get
the needed initial work done right now. I feel uncomfortable with this
fact but it does not change in the foreseeable future. And I simply
can't take the responsibility for letting these great templates rot
until I find the time to getting things done. Therefore I have to put
the brakes on it before the template's maintenance status is getting
worse. But let me explain:

a) Both of Chi's templates are based on the default template. But
instead of editing the "original" default template CSS files, the
cascade is used to overwrite and adapt the original styles to the needs
of the templates. Chi did this to keep things maintainable. But IMHO a
switch from the default to the starter CSS base should be done ASAP. See
[5] and [6] for details.

b) A bigger change like described in a) probably triggers browser
rendering side effects and therefore much cross-browser and
cross-DokuWiki-plugin testing (at least for the popular ones) is needed.
This is especially a problem because I don't have any running DokuWiki
with these templates for every day usage right now (-> which is bad
because this would bring synergistic effects. I would probably find most
bugs by just using the templates).

a) and b) together is just a too big chunk of initial work for me right
now. Sorry for this #fail. :-(

However. I would recommend to push the source code[7][8] to
dokufreaks[9]. Then apply some simple corrections to remove some smaller
issues (e.g. subscriptions) with the DokuWiki releases
>= Anteater. This maybe gains enough time until someone comes and solves
a) and/or b) as new maintainer.

PS: Don't worry about the other templates maintained by me. Everything
is fine. I just can't maintain *more* DokuWiki stuff responsibly +
provide good user support. Especially if something was not developed by
myself right from the beginning.


Andreas <http://blog.andreas-haerter.com>

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