[dokuwiki] Re: My christmas present for the DokuWiki community

  • From: Philippe Bajoit <Philippe.Bajoit@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 22:30:40 +0100

On 24/12/2009 10:18, Esther Brunner wrote:
Hi *

As you all know, a new version of DokuWiki is coming soon. A nice christmas 

I also have a little present for the DokuWiki community: a brand new template 
called DokuTouch. DokuTouch features a carefully designed user interface and a 
navigation, that goes beyond sidebar approaches by other DokuWiki templates. 
Have a look at it at my site, which is - of course - using DokuTouch as 

I've designed it with touchscreen applications in mind - therefore its name - 
but the optimized version for small screen mobile devices is not yet ready (at 
the moment all I have is a mockup screen).

Happy holidays and happy new year!

-- esther--
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The template is really nice

I would like to report this small issue:

When in the sitemap several namespaces are used, eg
  * [[:accueil|Accueil]]
  * [[:blogs:bibliotheque|Notre bibliothèque apicole]]
once navigated in the second namespace (in my example :blogs:bibliotheque), the menu links are formed relative to this current namespace: the menu link to the page in the root namespace becomes ?id=blogs:accueil that obviously does not exist Using the relative namespace notation "accueil" or absolute ":accueil" has no effect.


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