[dokuwiki] Mixture of syntax and action plugin wanted - how to do this?

  • From: Chris Green <cl@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2012 16:45:07 +0000

I'm trying to do something that seems to be a mixture of a syntax plugin
and an action plugin.

It's a syntax plugin in that I need to extract some information from the
wiki text using the syntax plugin connectTo() function, but then it's an
action plugin because I only want to do something with the extracted
text when the page it's on has been edited (or created).

Is there any mechanism for handing data between them?  I need to extract
the text and put it somewhere so that an action plugin triggered by
(say) IO_WIKIPAGE_WRITE can handle it.

Alternatively do I simply put it all in the IO_WIKIPAGE_WRITE action
plugin and search for the relevant text strings there?

Chris Green
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