[dokuwiki] Re: Mac-Testing (was: Bug in spellchecker)

  • From: "Christopher Mc Carthy" <christopher.mccarthy@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 11:36:56 +0200

Recently someone posted on a mac site how to grab the current sources
and so build a new version of Safari - when I get a minute (not sure
that'll be before the weekend), I'll try and see if solves the problem
(IIRC using the latest Safari sources means that Safari now passes the
'Acid Burn' test).  Not sure how much this helps non Tiger users.

BTW the built-in (built into the OS) dictionary and spell checker is
*very* nice :)


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Christopher Mc Carthy writes:

> ...results in the following after clicking 'check spelling' in Safari:
> Didier Julia au centre des interrogations
> Pour Serge July, directeur de function (whole, match1)  {   return
> String.fromCharCode(+match1); }Libfunction (whole, match1)  {   return

Aaaaaarghhh! I don't f***ing believe it. Why can't those damn browser
agree on anything? Safari is supposed to execute those function instead
treating it as a string! Damn. It works in Konqueror so obviously Apple
it's own JavaScripting engine instead of the one from KHTML. I'll see if
can find any workaround.

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