[dokuwiki] Re: Mac-Testing (was: Bug in spellchecker)

  • From: Dave Winter <dave.winter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 10:00:28 +0100

This isn't really related to the spell checker in Dokuwiki, but Safari uses OS X's built in Spell Checker for input boxes on web sites.

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Dave Winter. www.commanderbond.net

On 13 Jun 2005, at 09:33, Christopher Mc Carthy wrote:

 I'll be happy
to help out with any (dumb - I'm no coder) testing on Win/Mac and in

Thanks for the offer! I'm very interested in Mac (Safari) compatibility reports. I don't own a Mac so I'm dependend on feedback.

My mac is at home; so I can just test out of work time; will have a go tonight.

Could you check if
the Spellchecker works with UTF-8 chars in Safari? Should do
but checking is
better ;-) If you find any other glitches please report them as well.

Can I check the spell checker in the version of DokuWiki that you have running on your site, or do I need to grab a devel version?

I installed Tiger last Sunday, and have not yet installed DokuWiki, but
I will do soon, and so can test how the spell checker runs on Mac OS
(but as Mac OS is a variant of UNIX and provides Apache and PHP (that
you have to activate) by default, I'm not expecting any problems). BTW
what do you mean by UTF-8 characters? Do I need to test special

BTW. as far as I know the new Tiger version comes with a new
Safari version?

Yes, Safari 2.0. This version is only available on Tiger; the last version available for Panther (10.3) is 1.3.

I would be interested in the differences betwen old an new
version and how
it affects DokuWiki.

I on longer have Panther (and so the 'old' version of Safari), but might
re-install it for tests (if I can easily create a partition).


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