[dokuwiki] Re: Is there a way to display a link if it exists but text otherwise?

  • From: Etienne MELEARD <etienne.meleard@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 09:32:32 +0100

Le 25/03/2010 21:58, Chris G a écrit :
Is there any way in DokuWiki to display a link if the link exists but
otherwise just display some text?

E.g. I have an internal link like:-


... and if ns1:ns2:page doesn't exist I just want 'title' to be shown
without any indication that it's anything other than normal text.

I suppose I could do this with some CSS changes but I want this change
to be optional with the normal default action of red clickable links
for non-existent pages to remain on most of the Wiki.

I have a way to get this done, might not be the best but it works ...

You have to install the condition plugin (http://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:condition)

Then create a file in your template directory (DOKU_INC/lib/tpl/<your_tpl>/) named "condition_plugin_custom_tester.php" and paste the folowing code in it :

class condition_plugin_custom_tester extends condition_plugin_base_tester {
    function test_page_exists($b, &$bug, $lop=false) {
if($lop) return array('\='); // list of accepted test operators, pcre style regexp
        // Here we accept test operators : :
        switch($b['test']) {
            case '=' :
                return page_exists($b['value']);

            default :
                $bug = true;
                return false;

Then you can use in your pages :

<if page_exists=ns1:ns2:page>[[ns1:ns2;page|title]]<else>title</if>

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