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Yes, since they are simply text files I would love if I could just
move any of them around outside of the wiki just by editing them
directly. Then run a script that would update the wiki side of things.
I will try that pagemove plugin and see how that works.

The reason is that I ran into a problem last night. I tried to save
one of my major files and it kept choking the system. It would spin
for a bit then dump me into a blank screen. I would go back into the
wiki and the page was not there - but I could recover it from draft. I
would then chop out a bunch of stuff and try to save it again.

In the end I got less than a third of the information I had on that
subject so I have to devise some method that I can use to break up the
sections in a meaningful way.


On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 10:11 AM, Jerry Schwartz
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>>I'm of the opinion that DW can be treated like an active file
>>drawer... you're able to organize it, grab and stow files to it as you
>>see fit, but you also one day may have a revelation on how to organize
>>a subject or set of subjects better, and it's relatively easy to do
>>this as well.
> [JS] I must have missed part of the discussion. How does one easily
> reorganize the layout of namespaces?
> I don't have too big a mess, but I have an extra level that I would like to
> get rid of. How do I fix the links easily, especially those to external
> media?
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