[dokuwiki] [GSOC] Rewrite Plugin Management

  • From: José Carlos Campos <zecapistolas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 19:12:33 +0000


My name is José Carlos I am 25 and I am a Portuguese student at FEUP (
www.fe.up.pt ).
I am student at Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering and
last semester, in class Software Development Laboratory, I development
a plugin for DokuWiki, called Purple Comments.
Why Purple Comments? You know Purple Numbers (
http://eekim.com/software/purple/ ;)? "Purple is a small suite of
quickly hacked tools designed to create HTML documents with "purple"
numbers. These purple numbers are HTML anchors attached to every
paragraph in a document, which allow you to link to these paragraphs."
So, I pass this idea to DokuWiki and implement more stuff.
This plugin make possible an introduction of comments for every
element on page (numbered list, bulleted list, tables, pictures,
paragraphs, headers, etc). When the user navigate in webpage, in front
of every element exists a hidden link ["purple number"] (will be
activated with mouse over) and this link show how many comments that
element has. If you click on link, you will go to other page, and in
this page you can write more comments for that element with DokuWiki
syntax. This plugin use 'Discussion' an 'Purple Numbers' plugin.


Now, I am interesting on idea of rewrite 'Plugin Management' of
DokuWiki. Because I agree with it's very strange and boring search for
plugin on repository and copy URL to Plugin Management and I think
manage plugins from the admin area it's very cool to: install/delete,
update one/all, enable/disable all or a single plugin, show
information about plugin (similar plugins, more by same author),

Ok, but I have some questions:
- 'Plugin Management' is a plugin or functionality implemented
directly on DokuWiki?
- The new plugin will be to management plugins and/or templates? Now,
to install new templates, we download the zip to lib/plugins/ folder,
unzip, go to Configuration Settings and change 'Template'. This will
be disappear?! After this project, to chose a template for wiki, the
user has to go to Plugin Manager?

With king regards,
José Carlos de Campos
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