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  • From: Alexander Johannes <lists@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 20:40:24 +0100

Am 04.03.2007 um 17:56 schrieb Guy Brand:

On 02 March at 15:49, Alexander Johannes wrote:

i have a website, which is stored in a cvs-repository. Now i'd like
to migrate this project to dokuwiki, by keeping the current revision-
Has something like that been done before and is anyone on this list
aware of that? Maybe you can point me to a script or instruction on
how to achieve this.

  I did a conversion (HTML -> wiki) for the website of the local LUG
  which was using static HTML pages under CVS. But we did not keep the

The main goal in my project would be to keep the entire history with checkin-dates and -comments. There are only a couple of sites, where keeping the history would be nice (a list of dates and members of a group), but on this pages the revision-history is rather long.

  As CVS is file based, maybe checking out and then
  converting (I used HTML::WikiConverter) and pushing the file back to
  dokuwiki using bin/dwpage.php would be a way to import your pages
  and their history to dokuwiki.

Thanks for pointing this way out. So basically i need a script which will check out every revision, pipe it through the wiki-converter and check it in via dwpage.php. The hardest part would be, on how to set the same checkin-date and -time. Any comment on this would be appreciated.

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