[dokuwiki] Re: Folded Plugin (formerly RC2007-05-24 available)

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Did you read the plugin page?

There is a version listed for develonly and snapshots since 2006-11-06. Have you tried that version? It works fine for me.


Vedvik, Gary wrote:
I just upgraded a test system I have and found what I believe are two
plug-ins that no longer work (even after purging the DokuWiki and
browser caches).  The two plug-ins are listed on the plug-in page, but
here's the link to each of them.

 - Folded (http://wiki.splitbrain.org/plugin:folded)
 - Outliner (http://blackdaemon.no-ip.org/wiki/dokuwiki:plugin:outliner)

Has anyone else noticed this or found a way around it?


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Hi all!

As promised last week, I just uploaded the new release candidate. I
don't expect any crucial bugs to turn up so we might see a new stable
release soon.

I encourage everyone to upgrade and to report any bugs that might occur.
Language updates are welcome as well ;-)

And of course I want to thank all of you for helping to make this
release possible :-)

Get it at



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