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  • From: Christopher Smith <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 01:41:06 +0100

On 13 Jun 2011, at 18:16, Piyush Mishra wrote:

> hi,
> I am currently working on changing some behaviour with the enabling
> and disabling of plugins in the plugin manager. To help with farm
> support.
> The first plan was to add enabled plugins list in a file under
> DOKU_CONF directory. So that every animal has its own list of enabled
> plugins.
> This seems to be a nice plan till the admin wants to
> activate/deactivate a plugin farm-wide. The pain would be to have to
> activate/deactivate it one by one on all animals in the farm.
> A workaround to this problem was to keep the list of enabled plugins
> under  lib/plugins/.enabled folder with a file called "global" which
> basically had list of plugins enabled farm-wide, and one file for each
> animal "str_replace('/','_',DOKU_CONF)"
> It would be great if any real farm users could help decide?
> -- 

Have you considered using the config cascade to hold 'master' lists.  One for 
the animal and one for the farmer (or as many as the admin wants) - equivalent 
to local & protected in the normal scheme of things.  Those files being stored 
in appropriate conf directories where they are human editable for those people 
who don't like allowing configurations to be auto-updated.

- Chris--
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