[dokuwiki] Re: Error in css.php and js.php

  • From: Chris Smith <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 23:21:41 +0100

Martin Tschofen wrote:

As a plugin developer I'd need some guidelines where to use what. Let me guess what they would be used for:

text = all standard text
background = background color of the page
background_hi = background color of search and admin bars, table of
contents header?
text_hi = text on background_hi?
neutral =
neutral_hi =
extern = external link color
existing = existing link color
missing = missing link color

I'd add:
border or line = all the borders, underlines and such.
error = color used for error message text (and perhaps error_bg)
success = color used for success message text (and perhaps success_bg)
My understanding ...

When I originally mentioned *_hi as an alternate, my intention was for it to mean highlighted text and that text's background. In the default template that most likely will correspond to the button bars. From a plugin point of view, you can use *_hi if the intention is to provide an alternative and striking appearance. It shouldn't be used lightly - but only when it is the clear intent of the plugin to provide highlighted content. e.g. the box plugin has one colour scheme designed to match template highlighted colour scheme.

Error/Success messages, etc, shouldn't need colours. You can use the the appropriate classes already defined in the CSS.

Personally, I agree with border colours being specified clearly. But I don't think its a big issue - if you look back at one of Anika's earlier messages she outlines a correspondence between border colours and the other colours - iirc, border colours match the text colours.


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