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  • Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 18:29:28 +0100

On 26/09/08 08:57, Sebastian Menge wrote:

Am Fri, 26 Sep 2008 09:46:59 +0200
schrieb "Dr. Heino Speer" <heino.speer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

I'm a new user of dokuwiki and try to establish an information system for the history of law with dokuwiki. The texts of Roman Law (Corpus Iuris Civilis) are available in the internet, and canonical citations should be possible. When I wish to reference "Codex Iustiniani liber I titulus 1" so can I use this URL: "http://upmf-grenoble.fr/Haiti/Cours/Ak/Corpus/CJ1.htm#1";. This is a little bit complicated, so that I would pack the stable part of the
URL in an entity. But how could I do this? Which is the syntax in the
entity definition in dokuwiki (entitiy.conf or so)? Is this form
possible? &CI.1;1.

This sounds more like an interwiki link


[[corpus>CJ1]] could map to

But as far as I know, there is only one parameter possible.

If he needs that (and I'm not sure if he does) then he could put in a redirector. So have the interwiki link point to the redirector, encode the parameters into a single parameter with suitable separators. Then have the redirector break up the parameter into component parts, create a URL for the real target from those parts and bounce on via a Location header to the real target URL.

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