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  • From: Anika Henke <anika@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 11:17:36 +0000

On 12/02/2012 10:56, Mark wrote:
On 02/11/12 15:28, Anika Henke wrote:
The only real problem is big tables. I just had an idea how to solve
that: The current solution is to make each table scrollable if it gets
too big. But additional to that we could show each table in full width
(expanding over the border of the page) when hovering over them. (The
same could be done to the other generally partly hidden component: code

setting up this kind of functionality to depend on hover events breaks
accessibility, which would be a pity.

No, it doesn't. It would make tables less accessible if that functionality would be added *instead* of the current solution. But my suggestion was to add it *in addition* to the current solution. So, if you cannot hover of the table, you would still be able to see everything by scrolling (similar to how the code blocks behaved for the last 8 years). But we can also improve the solution to not just work on hover but on focus as well.

For the same reason I think it would be better to have the "sidebar /
aside" below the page content instead of above as in most cases there is
no direct relation between the sidebar and the page/content.

That highly depends on the content of the sidebar. I can imagine some projects will have a sidebar completely unrelated to the page, with some general information about the website or even ads. In that case your wish makes sense. But in many cases there will be a navigation, which has a direct relation to the page. Then it makes sense to come before the main content.

That's one of the challenges in trying to make a template work in every scenario. It basically isn't possible. ;-)

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