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  • From: Mark <mc.prins@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 11:56:01 +0100

On 02/11/12 15:28, Anika Henke wrote:
On 06/02/2012 07:34, Esther Brunner wrote:
Contrary to the view expressed by Myron and
Thomas I think the main content column on dokuwiki.org is rather too
wide with up to 120 chars per line.

Thanks, I agree.
The initial width was actually a bit less wide...

* In Clarence's original design it was the standard 960px.
* I first changed it to be 72em (= 1008px*), so that the whole page
would fit comfortably on a 1024 screen. Although the inner width was
928px* wide (= 72x12 - 2x40).
* Andi then asked if we should make it wider
[https://github.com/MrClow/dokuwiki-template-2011/issues/45]. He
suggested 85em, which I found much too wide (mainly because of
readability issues). But I increased it a bit to be 75em now (= 1050px*;
inner width = 970px*). The main reason for that was that otherwise
handling the media manager is problematic in narrower sizes and it's in
general still okay like that.

I think the problem that most people are having with the width is not
that it is not wide enough in general. It's that they were used to a
wider (because flexible) layout before and put in content in a way that
made use of that available space.
We should re-visit certain page layouts on a page by page basis and
change them if necessary.

The only real problem is big tables. I just had an idea how to solve
that: The current solution is to make each table scrollable if it gets
too big. But additional to that we could show each table in full width
(expanding over the border of the page) when hovering over them. (The
same could be done to the other generally partly hidden component: code

setting up this kind of functionality to depend on hover events breaks accessibility, which would be a pity.

For the same reason I think it would be better to have the "sidebar / aside" below the page content instead of above as in most cases there is no direct relation between the sidebar and the page/content.

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