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  • From: Eric Howey <ehowey@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2012 08:10:52 -0700

Nice work on this folks!  The site looks much more professional and up to date. 
 The only thing I was wondering about was whether we/you want to emphasize more 
of a social networking presence on it somehow.  Thanks for all of your work on 
this and dokuwiki!  Cheers,
On 2012-02-11, at 7:28 AM, Anika Henke wrote:

> On 06/02/2012 07:34, Esther Brunner wrote:
>> Contrary to the view expressed by Myron and
>> Thomas I think the main content column on dokuwiki.org is rather too
>> wide with up to 120 chars per line.
> Thanks, I agree.
> The initial width was actually a bit less wide...
> * In Clarence's original design it was the standard 960px.
> * I first changed it to be 72em (= 1008px*), so that the whole page would fit 
> comfortably on a 1024 screen. Although the inner width was 928px* wide (= 
> 72x12 - 2x40).
> * Andi then asked if we should make it wider 
> [https://github.com/MrClow/dokuwiki-template-2011/issues/45]. He suggested 
> 85em, which I found much too wide (mainly because of readability issues). But 
> I increased it a bit to be 75em now (= 1050px*; inner width = 970px*). The 
> main reason for that was that otherwise handling the media manager is 
> problematic in narrower sizes and it's in general still okay like that.
> I think the problem that most people are having with the width is not that it 
> is not wide enough in general. It's that they were used to a wider (because 
> flexible) layout before and put in content in a way that made use of that 
> available space.
> We should re-visit certain page layouts on a page by page basis and change 
> them if necessary.
> The only real problem is big tables. I just had an idea how to solve that: 
> The current solution is to make each table scrollable if it gets too big. But 
> additional to that we could show each table in full width (expanding over the 
> border of the page) when hovering over them. (The same could be done to the 
> other generally partly hidden component: code blocks.)
> Cheers,
> Anika
> * if viewed with default browser options
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