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First, when you paste table data from Word into CCKeditor, you have to use the Word tool from the FCKeditor's toolbar, and check off the "remove style definitions" checkbox, because when you paste from Word into FCKeditor, you are copying the styles along with your text.

The "<br>" characters are also from MS Word. If MS Word used the XHTML specfication these wouldn't show up, since DokuWikiFCK accepts the <br /> sequence. I've added code which converts MS Word's <br> to <br /> and so the <br> characters disappear.

You can download the updated version from:
While the version is the same (24), internally the subversion has changed from 12 to 13 and contains all of the latest updates. You can view the list of recent changes at:

I'm not too familar MS Word, except as a kind of plain vanilla user, so if you run into any similar problems, please let me know so I can fix them.

Thanks and hope this helps,


Clayton Ginsburg wrote:


I am using the latest dokuwikiFCK(installed last Friday afternoon) and ran into a problem with the cut and past feature from Microsoft word.

Specifically, after cutting and pasting a table and using the cut and paste from word functionality, the table appeared as follows

#Ltransparent# 00<br>


#Ltransparent# *No Match -* The input record COULD NOT BE matched to a master file record. A new address could not be furnished.<br>

#Ltransparent# 01<br>


#Ltransparent# *Found COA: Foreign Move* - The input record matched to a business, individual or family type master file record but the new address was outside USPS delivery area. <br>


I am able to paste it as plain text and it works ok as a work around. Any suggestions on getting the cut and paste from ms word working better?


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