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>Thank you for sending me the full page.  Since neither of us could
>replicate the problem, it's hard to know exactly where it originated.
>But I was able to create a similar error using another page and was able
>to find something in some legacy code that I inherited which I believe
>is the culprit.  So that should be fixed.
[JS] Good. I'm not sure my users want or need DokuWikiFCK; I think they
should, but those that update pages are probably used to the native editor.

>About the unordered list.  It's not altogether surprising, since you are
>importing complex native DokuWiki document into the FCKeditor.  But I
>didn't see this problem myself.  I tried the document in both an earlier
>2008 release candidate (rc2008-03-31) and in the current release
>(2008-05-05).  In both cases the document displayed and saved without
>any issues.
[JS] I was afraid of that.

>About the conflict message.  This will be fixed in the next release.
>DokuWiki checks keyboard activity to see if you are working; if not,
>after a time-out period, it issues a time out warning.  If you are
>active at the keyboard, it renews your lock on the file.  But DokuWiki
>is not aware of the keyboard activity in the FCKeditor.  So, unless a
>work-around is implemented, you would  get  timeout warnings while
>working at the keyboard.   The workaround is not perfect and so will
>result in the conflict message, if someone else gains access to the file
>while you are working on it.  Version 24 of DokuWikiFCK fixes this
[JS] Understood. I think I read some comment about that on the list. I think
it would scare the daylights out of my users, do I'm going to keep my
testing to a minimum for now.

>DokuWikiFCK is not really set up to be installed from the plugin
>manager, so it has to be uninstalled manually as well.
[JS] I had trouble figuring out how, to be honest. I'm no longer adept with
cpan, but I did manage eventually.
>Best, and thanks again for your help,
[JS] Thank you for your contribution.

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